15 Jan

Leftist evil on parade

When the living Creator, quite alive and well, returns to planet Earth, some will rejoice, and the rest will rage. Everyone will realize that God is the greatest conceivable being, and as such, the most conceivably just, merciful, and loving being. A being who would never force His love or control, making Him a cosmic rapist or puppeteer. A being everyone must admit is familiar, revealed in the volumes of knowledge embedded in the created universe. A being who everyone will declare is the only perfect judge, having intimate knowledge of each person’s heart, mind, and deeds.


As the greatest conceivable judge, He will righteously reward the good works of those choosing to love Him, and righteously punish the wickedness of those choosing to hate Him, demonstrating that love and justice are the two sides of the coin of His nature. Alliance with Him on His reasonable terms will lead to endless beneficence, adventure, discovery, growth, liberty, love, and joy. Rebels will discover their free will choice is graciously honored, leading to endless quarantine and misery. Bottom line, if our Maker is absolute loving perfection, it’s pure evil to oppose Him. Case in point atheist apologist Christopher Hitchens often thumped that he refuses to be accountable to anyone, even his Maker and sustainer.


An increasing number of people willfully hate or dismiss God’s existence, while arrogating the very breath and life He supplies, to live as total strangers to Him. “Thinking themselves wise, they became as fools.” Rom 1:22


Some of these are the preening masterminds who fancy they know best, grasping for power over us via politics, academia, journalism, authorship, or terrorism. Jesus likened them to the spawn of vipers, sons and daughters of their father, the devil. Face it: the leftist fig leaf is compassion, but their pragmatist tactics are anathema to God.


This blog is a compendium of leftist corruption and wickedness in action; in politics regardless of party, and in theology regardless of belief system. Note the abject immorality of the leftist: intolerance of dissent, idolatry of tyranny, compulsive deceit and slander, sexual perversion, promotion of pornography, murder of the unborn and elderly, rebelliousness, hatred, and godlessness. Yet they arrogantly dare to claim the moral high ground! Sunshine is the best disinfectant.

This is the verdict:
Light has come into the world,
but people loved darkness instead of light
because their deeds were evil.
Jesus Christ   John 3:19

26 Jan

Peoples’ State of the Union

Liberals are lining up to crap the punch bowl of the upcoming Trump State of the Union speech by holding an event of their own, aka tit for tat. In a classic display of childish hypocrisy, Mark Ruffalo actually burped the following words to People Magazine:

“I think it’s important because we have a president who has a difficult time with the truth, who has a radical, divisive agenda, and spends an enormous amount of time focusing on the negative and hopelessness and despair.”

Let’s closely examine his feeble points:

A difficult time with the truth

So God doesn’t exist, abortion is harmless, the gay lifestyle is healthy, recycling is less toxic than the landfill, and the police are always around to protect us from criminals.

A radical, divisive agenda

Liberalism is the bastard child of communism. Their radical ideas have done more to divide Americans than any other. There are none so blind as they who refuse to see.

Focusing on the negative and hopelessness and despair

Consider the constant exploding sewer of spiteful reportage liberals have spewed since Trump was elected. Nearly all of it has been the epitome of negativity, hopelessness, and despair. Reverence for tolerating the dark side of free speech is a tough row to hoe.

Celebrities are not known for high intelligence or scholarship, so they must be afforded kindness to a degree. But this is getting ridiculous.

25 Oct

Sleazebag Slush Fund

Newly-released U.S. DOJ documents reveal the existence of an Obama-era multi-billion tax-dollar slush fund that gave billions to left-leaning advocacy groups, while Obama DOJ officials “went out of their way” to defund conservative groups. Also, Former AGs Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch offered promises to end federal lawsuits in exchange for corporate donations to leftist advocacy groups. Republicans noted these advocacy groups were not involved in the lawsuits, so they had no right to the cash.

AG Jeff Sessions ordered “Effective immediately, department attorneys may not enter into any agreement on behalf of the United States in settlement of federal claims or charges […] that directs or provides for a payment or loan to any nongovernmental person or entity that is not a party to the dispute…”

In a July 28 memo Sessions formally requested a detailed accounting of all payments made to third parties by component heads and U.S. attorneys over the last 10 years.

They’re coming for you, corrupt leftists. I’ve heard the lam is nice this time of year!

03 Oct

Bloody murderers

History’s largest episode of mass-murder hides quietly inside the blind spot of the global left. Eclipsing the death tolls of Hitler and Stalin, from 1958 to 1962, Mao directed the murder of up to 45 million people. Between 2-3 million were tortured to death or executed; some for trivial offenses. A local boss forced a father to bury his young son alive for stealing a handful of grain; a few days later the father died of grief. As penalty for digging up a potato, Wang Ziyou had one of his ears cut off, legs tied with iron wire, a ten kilogram stone dropped on his back, then was branded with a hot iron.

Thankfully numerous Holocaust museums exist and are well-attended. But why does the western left, mavens of historical consciousness and popular culture, make so little effort to recall the “Great Leap Forward” [sic] thus assuring that its lessons fade from awareness? Consider how history is repeating itself in Venezuela.

Could it be that although few western leftists openly profess sympathy for communism, they fear their other leftist causes could be tainted by association?

Some survivors of Mao’s atrocities are still alive today, and deserve far greater recognition of the horrors they endured, not to mention compensation for their losses, and justice visited on the remaining perpetrators. One day the Greatest Conceivable Being will step back in to human history and set things right.

27 Sep

Iron Fist in Rubber Glove

For decades the global Left has been lusting for power to dictate American health care policy. Their depraved minds admire a mirage of overseas first-world government success, when they’re actually weak and taxing their citizens into poverty.

Face it: the deadly weight of big governments soon drown their nations.

American government was designed to be limited in order to attract and nurture the “golden geese” that are essential to any strong nation: millions of large juicy carrots that entice the assumption of huge risk that’s required to realize huge gains that lift all boats — with zero government debt to boot. Note to social justice twits: ALL boats include the poorest among us.

Face it: only the wealthy need employees — should we bite the hands that offer us bread and butter?

Face it: what idiot would justify risking their time, honor, and treasure in hopes of winning a tiny, shriveled, moldy carrot?

Sadly, these simple concepts escape twisted radicals as they frantically masturbate their minds, souls, and bodies. Thankfully they’ll all soon be permanently quarantined when their Maker steps back in to human history to set things right.

06 Sep

Ecosexual Exhortation

Have you heard about sexecology aka ecosexuality, mind you not to be confused with ecofeminism? Proponents perform various erotic acts with the earth, such as masturbating in waterfalls, oral sex with plants, or copulating with vegetables. Really. Sexecology even has its own Wikipedia page. One enthusiast has coined the term “grassilingus.”

These ideas were conceived by a lesbian couple who were legally [sic] married [sic] over a decade ago in Canada. They aim to make activism “more sexy, fun and diverse” and that these practices “may produce new forms of knowledge that hold potential to alter the future by privileging our desire for the Earth to function with as many diverse, intact and flourishing ecological systems as possible.”

Could this be a pretext for the next sexual frontier: bestiality? Could it be that someday if you object you’ll be labeled a “hateful zoophobic bigot?”

18 Aug

Libel du Jour

On August 14, 2017, CAIR’s board passed a resolution calling for removal of all Confederate memorials, flags, street names, and symbols from all public property. They claim, in writing no less, that these memorials do all of the following in order:

  • validates subjugation of victims
  • promotes endurance of racism
  • diminishes outrage at suffering of victims
  • honors, celebrates, and glorifies slave owners
  • diminishes contributions of victims
  • rejects ideals of freedom
  • rejects equal protection
  • rejects civil rights

People familiar with American history know that emancipation was not the sole reason for the Civil War. These memorials call attention to a great internal struggle over federalism: the division of power between federal and state governments.

Very few Confederate soldiers spilled their blood to glorify slavery. The majority fought to resist what they viewed as a rogue and abusive federal government. Look it up, and face the truth.

Leftists hate America, and thrill at doing evil against her as often as possible. They’re sticking their necks out on this one — their claims are so easy to disprove. Let all good people brush up on American history and be prepared to demonize these wicked deceivers.

01 Aug

The Big Thing

Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened,
and I will give you rest.
…for I am gentle and humble in heart.


Theophiles are all about the process of seeking, knowing, following, obeying, and loving the Being who is the living God. Theophobes are all about the process of ignoring, hating, and rejecting the living God, focusing instead on pleasuring themselves.


Consider these kind words Jesus once said. Some thrill at them, and others object and hiss.


Who are these wretched beings, who were brought out of nothing; knitted together in their mother’s womb; then turn and viciously hate and oppose the loving Hand that gives them breath and life? May God have mercy on their souls.

14 Apr

The Redolence and the Stench

The following parable could be a true story, or maybe not. Are you absolutely certain you’re smart enough, and know enough, to be sure it’s fiction?


Long ago the universe was created by the greatest conceivable being: the One True God. Then God moved to create children in His image possessing personality and powerful free will.


Some of the children looked around and clearly saw the beautiful handiwork of their Father, the greatest conceivable Designer. They realized that He was always near, and always everywhere. And they approved and humbly knelt in awe, casting down their crowns, and loved Him with all their heart.


The other children looked around and also saw the beautiful handiwork. They too realized that their Father was always near, and always everywhere. And they hissed and proudly arose, grasping their crowns, and hated the very idea of Him.


So in patience and love, God withdrew for a time, announced His future judgement, and personally provided coattails to escape it.


And the good children lived lives that pleased Him, as would a sweet redolence.

And the wicked children lived lives that disgusted Him, as would a foul stench. And all their deeds in the flesh were carefully recorded as evidence.


One day the Father returned to arrest evil and judge it, and assess goodness and reward it. The wicked children recoiled from Him and fled into a quarantine far away from His presence, never to cause trouble again. The other children rejoiced and ran into His beckoning arms, who transformed them into immortal super-beings with great power, authority, and new responsibilities…


And all the children continued to live forever…

04 Feb

Anti-fascist Thugs

Signs brandished during the recent UC Berkeley unrest read:

“No! In the name of humanity we refuse to accept a fascist America!”

This while the crowd raged against a speech by an invited guest, Milo Yiannopoulos. Then a small group of masked criminal thugs appeared and began to set fires, smash glass, and otherwise destroy the area. One viciously beat an attendee unconscious with a metal pole, screaming accusations of “Nazi!” Note those wearing masks: your cowardice is showing.

Then CNN tweeted:

“A speech by Breitbart provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos at UC Berkeley was canceled after protests erupted on campus.”

Notice how primary blame is placed on Yiannopoulos (provocateur) and no mention is made of the multiple violent felonies committed by the masked criminals.

Then a CNN article dropped titled:

“Milo Yiannopoulos is trying to convince colleges that hate speech is cool”

So dissent with liberal orthodoxy is smeared as hate speech, which is a crime in most western countries. Dissent is (still) not a crime in America, like it’s become in Canada. Yiannopoulos’ lifestyle aside, he has it right in his stand for Liberty.

The mavens of tolerance are wolves in sheep’s clothing: cross them and they’ll work to destroy you. This is the truth: leftists of all stripes are morally-ill; some are criminal thugs; and a select few are super-criminals that passionately hate the idea of Liberty and are bent on its global destruction.

17 Jan

The Obvious Plan

Careful observation of the universe on a macroscopic and microscopic scale reveals stunning complexity, synergy, and beauty; clearly far beyond what might develop through chance over an astronomical time frame. The known table of elements do not naturally combine to produce complex biospheres teeming with millions of species of reproducing plants and animals. Therefore it’s sensible and logical to conclude that we’re observing the handiwork of a superb and incredibly powerful Designer.


A supreme Designer would naturally possess a supremely-positive nature. It’s ridiculous to imagine a lesser, cruel, unjust, unloving, or otherwise evil, greatest conceivable Being.


Such a wonderful creative Designer would likely desire to propagate love and goodness, say by creating powerful beings capable of creativity and love. But here’s the rub: love is impossible without free will and power to do evil against other creatures, themselves, and even the Designer. By demanding love or forcing love, the Designer would be reduced to a puppeteer or rapist. By preventing or ignoring evil, the Designer would be limiting the capacity for love, and violating justice.


So true love can only be encouraged by the rewards of blessing, and evil can only be discouraged by the punishments of justice.


The Bible describes such a supreme Designer who went further in love by personally providing coattails in conducting a rescue mission on Earth to procure a conditional pardon that satisfied justice. The condition is humble repentance, loving allegiance, and determined resistance of evil. The rewards are adoption as sons and daughters, eternal intimacy with the Divine, and inheritance of the Designer’s ownership and governing interests. The alternative is personally serving the sentences for all their crimes.


Liberals and other theophobes think themselves wise, and dismiss these ideas as silly myths, far beneath their self-assessed intelligence, and offensive to their vaunted sensibilities. “The fool has said in his heart, there is no God.”