15 Jan

Leftist evil on parade

Issues of faith are primal to human existence, and indeed to the existence of our Republic. If God is real, then He is the greatest conceivable being, which includes being the most conceivably just, the most conceivably merciful, and the most conceivably loving being. Clearly He never forces His love or control on those who willfully resist Him, as would a cosmic rapist or puppeteer. The created universe reveals volumes about Him, so no sentient being can plead ignorance. His perfect knowledge of everyone’s heart and deeds makes Him the only perfect judge.


As the greatest conceivable judge, He will righteously reward every good act, and righteously punish every evil act. Thus love and justice are the two sides of the coin of His nature. Ally with Him on His reasonable terms and discover endless liberty, love, joy, adventure, and beneficence. Reject Him and His terms, and experience endless quarantine. Bottom line, the King is loving and perfect, so it’s madness to oppose Him. Atheist apologist Christopher Hitchens often thumped his refusal to be ruled, sealing his fate at his death.


An increasing number of people willfully hate or dismiss God’s existence, while arrogating the very breath and life He supplies to live as total strangers to Him. “Thinking themselves wise, they became as fools.” Rom 1:22


These are the preening masterminds who fancy they know best. Some lust for power over us via politics, academia, journalism, authorship, or terrorism. Jesus likened them to the spawn of vipers, sons and daughters of their father, the devil. Face it: the leftist fig leaf is compassion, but their pragmatist tactics are anathema to God.


This blog is a compendium of leftist corruption and wickedness in action; in politics regardless of party, and in theology regardless of belief system. Note the abject immorality of the leftist: intolerance of dissent, idolatry of big government tyranny, compulsive deceit and slander, obsession with sexual perversion and pornography, murder of the unborn and elderly, rebelliousness, hatred, and godlessness. Yet they dare to claim the moral high ground!. This blog’s purpose is to call attention to some examples of their manifold wickedness.

This is the verdict:
Light has come into the world,
but people loved darkness instead of light
because their deeds were evil.
Jesus Christ   John 3:19

14 Apr

The Redolence and the Stench

The following parable could be a true story, or maybe not. Are you absolutely certain you’re smart enough, and know enough, to be sure it’s fiction?


Long ago the universe was created by the greatest conceivable being: the One True God. Then God moved to create children in His image possessing personality and powerful free will.


Some of the children looked around and clearly saw the beautiful handiwork of their Father, the greatest conceivable Designer. They realized that He was always near, and always everywhere. And they approved and humbly knelt in awe, casting down their crowns, and loved Him with all their heart.


The other children looked around and also saw the beautiful handiwork. They too realized that their Father was always near, and always everywhere. And they hissed and proudly arose, grasping their crowns, and hated the very idea of Him.


So in patience and love, God withdrew for a time, announced His future judgement, and personally provided coattails to escape it.


And the good children lived lives that pleased Him, as would a sweet redolence.

And the wicked children lived lives that disgusted Him, as would a foul stench. And all their deeds in the flesh were carefully recorded as evidence.


One day the Father returned to arrest evil and judge it, and assess goodness and reward it. The wicked children recoiled from Him and fled into a quarantine far away from His presence, never to cause trouble again. The other children rejoiced and ran into His beckoning arms, who transformed them into immortal super-beings with great power, authority, and new responsibilities…


And all the children continued to live forever…

04 Feb

Anti-fascist Thugs

Signs brandished during the recent UC Berkeley unrest read:

“No! In the name of humanity we refuse to accept a fascist America!”

This while the crowd raged against a speech by an invited guest, Milo Yiannopoulos. Then a small group of masked criminal thugs appeared and began to set fires, smash glass, and otherwise destroy the area. One viciously beat an attendee unconscious with a metal pole, screaming accusations of “Nazi!” Note those wearing masks: your cowardice is showing.

Then CNN tweeted:

“A speech by Breitbart provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos at UC Berkeley was canceled after protests erupted on campus.”

Notice how primary blame is placed on Yiannopoulos (provocateur) and no mention is made of the multiple violent felonies committed by the masked criminals.

Then a CNN article dropped titled:

“Milo Yiannopoulos is trying to convince colleges that hate speech is cool”

So dissent with liberal orthodoxy is smeared as hate speech, which is a crime in most western countries. Dissent is (still) not a crime in America.

The mavens of tolerance are wolves in sheep’s clothing: cross them and they will work to destroy you. This is the truth: leftists of all stripes are morally-ill dimwits, many are criminal thugs, and a select few are super-criminals that passionately hate the idea of Liberty and are bent on its global destruction.

17 Jan

The Obvious Plan

Careful observation of the universe on a macroscopic and microscopic scale reveals stunning complexity, synergy, and beauty; clearly far beyond what might develop through chance over an astronomical time frame. The known table of elements do not naturally combine to produce complex biospheres teeming with millions of species of reproducing plants and animals. Therefore it’s sensible and logical to conclude that we’re observing the handiwork of a superb and incredibly powerful Designer.


A supreme Designer would naturally possess a supremely-positive nature. It’s ridiculous to imagine a lesser, cruel, unjust, unloving, or otherwise evil, greatest conceivable Being.


Such a wonderful creative Designer would likely desire to propagate love and goodness, say by creating powerful beings capable of creativity and love. But here’s the rub: love is impossible without free will and power to do evil against other creatures, themselves, and even the Designer. By demanding love or forcing love, the Designer would be reduced to a puppeteer or rapist. By preventing or ignoring evil, the Designer would be limiting the capacity for love, and violating justice.


So true love can only be encouraged by the rewards of blessing, and evil can only be discouraged by the punishments of justice.


The Bible describes such a supreme Designer who went further in love by personally providing coattails in conducting a rescue mission on Earth to procure a conditional pardon that satisfied justice. The condition is humble repentance, loving allegiance, and determined resistance of evil. The rewards are adoption as sons and daughters, eternal intimacy with the Divine, and inheritance of the Designer’s ownership and governing interests. The alternative is personally serving the sentences for all their crimes.


Liberals and other theophobes think themselves wise, and dismiss these ideas as silly myths, far beneath their self-assessed intelligence, and offensive to their vaunted sensibilities. “The fool has said in his heart, there is no God.”

05 Jan

Design and Madness

You’re born, grow in awareness, then later realize you’re in a very interesting place…

You see you’re living on a beautiful planet teeming with millions of complex, synergizing plant and animal species, pulsing with a kaleidoscope of sound and color; that’s orbiting inside of a beautiful solar system, that’s orbiting inside of a beautiful galaxy containing a hundred billion solar systems, that’s drifting among hundreds of billions of beautiful galaxies…

This should naturally beg the questions: How did all this come to be? Why is all this here? Who am I?

Science is essentially the ordered study of reality in pursuit of knowledge, regardless of its origin. In a designed universe, would science cease? No, science would redouble its explorations of reality. Yet many theophobic elites go out of their way to loudly dismiss the possibility of a real Designer from their bully pulpits, thumping lack of scientific evidence, while slyly ignoring large volumes of circumstantial evidence. Could it be they’re just corrupt and depraved souls who love tall grass, and are terrified to face their Designer? Ask them, “if the real Designer beckoned to you, would you run to Him, or run away?”

It’s pure evil to reject the obvious: a beautiful, highly-complex synergizing biosphere is clearly the product of a Designer. Order does not arise from chaos, and information can only originate from a mind.

We are in the position of a little child, entering a huge library
whose walls are covered to the ceiling
with books in many different tongues.
The child knows that someone must have written those books.
It does not know who or how.
It does not understand the languages in which they are written.
The child notes a definite plan in the arrangement of the books,
a mysterious order, which it does not comprehend,
but only dimly suspects.
That, it seems to me, is the attitude of the human mind,
even the greatest and most cultured, toward God.
We see a universe marvelously arranged,
obeying certain laws,
but we understand the laws only dimly.
Our limited minds cannot grasp the mysterious force
that sways the constellations.
                                                            Albert Einstein

16 Dec

The Mandated Climate Conclusion

Could the Climate Change movement be a leftist scam to consolidate globalist power and redistribute wealth? Just another psyops tactic in the “green is the new red” strategy? Has the scientific consensus ever been wrong? Professor Ian Plimer sums it up well: “The hypothesis that human activity can create global warming is extraordinary because it is contrary to validated knowledge from solar physics, astronomy, history, archaeology and geology.”

The liberal barks:

Hey idiot — man-made global warming is settled science, and it’s getting worse!


So what are their solutions? First, make Big Government bigger, on a global scale. Spend huge amounts of money and draft vast amounts of regulation. Blight our sunny uplands with thousands of ugly wind and solar farms. Pay whopping tax and electric bills artificially inflated by government-imposed carbon cap-and-trade schemes. And last but not least, surrender our national sovereignty to the global government, its bureaucracy, and its President. Smell the rat?


For years, untold billions in research grants have been awarded to fund research that reaches a mandated conclusion. Therein lies a massive fraud.


They accuse dissenters with tantamount heresy, ostracizing and financially hobbling them. Notice how the Obama Energy Department is panicking and refusing to answer transition team questions about who created the policies we now live with, and how they created them. They dodge and hide rather than proudly explain their “work.”


Honest geologists and climatologists know that the earth has dramatically warmed and cooled numerous times in its past. And they know that these changes occurred prior to any fossil fuel use.


Climate Fraud will soon be dealt with harshly and to the fullest extent of the law. Be afraid, fraudsters. Be very afraid. Good men and women are coming for you.

18 Nov

Smart Cuss

As wicked connoisseurs of immorality, liberals are indisputably the most foul-mouthed people on the planet.


In the wake of the 2016 US election that repudiated liberalism and placed all branches of federal and state government in far more decent hands, foul language has skyrocketed on the streets and in cyberspace.


In the nick of time now comes Benjamin Bergen, a professor of Cognitive Science at UC San Diego, with his book “What Swearing Reveals About Our Language, Our Brains, and Ourselves.” He suggests that cursing could be linked to higher intelligence. And those who swear most have the biggest vocabulary. And that swearing is cathartic and can relieve anger and aggression. And that society has a “stigma” towards swearing; but never fear, it will soften over time.


Nonsense. The truth is that (1) our Maker didn’t bother to put us here to spew foul language, and (2) has warned us repeatedly about its pernicious and deadly poisoning effects. Regardless, liberals continue to manically foul the punch bowl of decent and civil society. Good people are loving, long-suffering, and tolerant, but eventually their Maker will intervene and expel the wicked into a place very far away. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

05 Nov

Liberals are Hyper-Shamers

Liberals piously decry the practice of shaming people, but notice all their tactics involve shaming people!

Shame on you for opposing my law allowing me to murder my baby on demand!

Shame on you for your stupidity in imagining there is a real and loving God!

Shame on you for not celebrating my sexual immorality!

Shame on you for opposing my laws forcing earners to hand me lots of cash and free stuff!

Shame on you for opposing my efforts to outlaw your ownership of guns and ammunition!

Shame on you for opposing my law that forces you to buy an insurance policy!

Shame on you for being white! And a man! And straight!

Shame on you for opposing open borders, birthright citizenship, chain migration, and citizenship on demand!

Shame on you for being annoyed by my filthy language and grooming habits!

28 Oct

The Phobia Gambit

When liberals can’t get their depraved policies passed as laws through Congress, they turn to the Courts, and to manipulation of public opinion through complicit college professors and major media journalists.


Fear is their primary weapon. Here’s how it works: if you object to one of their ideas, they tag you with a clinical phobia. In other words, you’re mentally ill if you don’t applaud.


Case in point: homophobia
Persecution of homosexuals is wrong and should be strenuously-prosecuted and curbed. Having said that, it remains that science reveals the gay lifestyle is fraught with many medical and mental health risks. Children should never be taught it’s a harmless alternative, and should be taught the honest medical truth about its risks, then let the chips fall. Some will always prefer living risky lives, so gay headcounts will likely sustain their numbers.


Case in point: Islamophobia
A June 2013 Pew Research study estimates that of the 1.6 billion Muslims population at the time, 10.6 million are considered “extremist.” Today the USA weakly-enforces its immigration laws, has a vast welfare state, and its President, his administration, and the Democratic party Presidential nominee all idolize open borders, and a path to citizenship, aka amnesty. Sensible citizens feel defensive concern about these threats and the US geopolitical situation. Yet to the smug liberal those concerns indicate a clinical mental illness.


Case in point: transphobia
Behold the latest phobia gambit of the morally bankrupt. Now we’re supposed to applaud the idea that chromosomal reality can be treated like a bad case of acne. Hormone drugs and scalpels and willing doctors can slice and dice and chemically vaunt you into earthly paradise. Then Target comes out and announces they’re jiggy if Peter wants to shit with the girls. Liberals are now so out of control that some are considering another civil war.


Wonder what’s next on the Amazing Asshat Agenda? Polygamophobia? Zoophobia? Incestophobia?

28 Oct

The Biggest Challenge is Buttons

So said Richard Dawkins as he reflected on his recent stroke and quotes a passage from Steve Pinkus’ 1997 book, “How the Mind Works:”

“Altogether you forget what a fantastically-precise instrument the human hand is. The hand can be configured into:

  • a hook grip to lift a pail
  • a scissors grip to hold a cigarette
  • a five-jawed truck to lift a coaster
  • a three-jawed truck to hold a pencil
  • a two-jawed pad-to-pad truck to thread a needle
  • a two-jawed pad-to-side truck to turn a key
  • a squeeze grip to hold a hammer
  • a disc grip to open a jar
  • a spherical grip to hold a ball

Each grip needs a precise combination of muscle tensions that mould the hand into the right shape, and keep it there, as the load tries to bend it back. Think of lifting a milk carton, too loose a grasp and you drop it, too tight and you crush it, and then there’s a gentle rocking, used to feel a tugging on your fingertips, as a gauge to how much milk is inside.”

See the smug liberal: proudly estranged to his Maker, blindly crashing through planetary life at the controls of a vastly-complex biochemical megasystem known as the human body and mind. You’d think he’d be humbled and drawn to the One who kindly equipped him with such a bioengineering marvel, who made the galaxies, the roses, birdsong, and all wholesome pleasures. Since wisdom is God’s opinion, what would the opinion of a liberal be? You know, the one where there’s no Maker, or a fake Maker, and abortion and sexual perversions and tyranny are never taboo.

10 Oct

I Left My Sunglasses in the Limo!

“Put this on the ground! … I left my sunglasses in the limo! We need to go back!” Hillary Clinton barked while flying on Marine One en route to a waiting government 747.


Reported by an Air Force Lt. Colonel who served President Clinton for two years. Military aides politely demurred, ignoring her orders.


Selfish arrogance and stupidity is a toxic mix.